We provide community-based services that promote healthy mental well-being. We specifically focus on people of the Black, Asian and Ethnic community who have been disproportionately disadvantaged. Making our services available to this particular group is paramount to encouraging and maintaining a strong and flourishing community.
We provide care packages to the most marginalized groups in Hackney. We believe that basic provisions, such as food and toiletries should be available and accessible to all. 

Loneliness has become the norm for most but a friendly chat from one of our volunteer befrienders can make all the difference.



Promoting positive mental well-being is our passion.

We offer safe spaces to have open and honest discussions whilst providing Feel Good experiences.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our events are on hold until further notice.

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We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that our service users are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

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At The Feel Good Community CIC, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issues linked with Mental Health.

Since April we have been providing our befriending service as a complimentary part of our Care Package Initiative.

Due to the demand we have now launched our 'Let's Talk' Befriending Service, a telephone based service that offers individuals experiencing loneliness or just in need of a listening ear a chance to be heard.

For more information or to book a call with our friendly Befriender please get in touch with us now.


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